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Noleus Showcases at Texas Lyceum Innovation Fair

Noleus Technologies showcased the medical device prototype at Texas: A State of Innovation hosted by the Texas Lyceum on January 27, 2018.

Attendees to the Innovation Fair, hosted at the Greater Houston Partnership, learned how the device will accelerate patient recovery after abdominal surgery.

About Texas Lyceum: The Texas Lyceum is a 37-year old, state-wide leadership organization with an 96-person board of directors from around Texas, and an alumni based of about 700 leaders. For this particular conference, the attendees are likely to be a mix of local alumni, local leadership in innovation, and directors travelling in from around the state.

Noleus Technologies is developing a medical device designed to accelerate patient recovery following abdominal surgery. The Noleus device mitigates post-operative bowel swelling, speeding patient recovery. Noleus Technologies, Inc. is a privately held company in Houston, TX.

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